Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wa... 500 post liao... hehe

Is a happy day and new starting point for me. I will need to learn more from now on.

Canon finally launch 550D... haha!

Will need to learn more about Photographic... My mum said that I am not those people who really like to take photo. And the point here is that did she ever notice when she bought me the very first PC that cost 3K? She also don't know I will be in IT line at that point of time. Yes, I know that photographic will not be my career but I will make it as my part time hobby and later will try to make some money from there.

Found some very nice website to teach me how to write my very first iPhone apps. And I am going to expand my photo skill by creating my first iPhone apps which about singapore wallpaper. Let people judge me and expand my world.

Now I know who is the biggest ass hole in the world. Focus more on my own rather than care about what she think. My life will be better if I can simply don't care about what she do and whatever she said. Wahaha

TIme fly past... I spend alot of time on this blog but I also gain something from here. Is the way I write my english. I spend some time to read my PAST post... I don't even know what I trying to say at that point of time. Haha.... Good job simon. You learn a lot and progress in your life. Jiayou... more exam is coming your way in June. Work hard and stay focus. Follow the schedules that you plan and success in life

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