Saturday, October 24, 2009

This time round, I think APPLE aim at the right point in the right time. Since I have to upgrade my system to the new OS and have to redo everything including transfer files.... Why don't I move to something more stable and virus free? Like the post that I mention before, the cost of upgrade to Windows 7 is higher than getting a new MAC. Is still up to individual. I have my stand here not because I am APPLE fans.... but state the fact that when people are so skeptical about a thing. They are just simply don't wish to try at all, but once they try on it. They will love it so much till protect them. Is the same theory toward love and hate. Show like "UGLY Truth" and "the Proposal" told us that even they hate each others so much in the first place. But slowly they will find that the "hating" point is less than the "lovely" point so much. Yet they fall in love with each other. Is just a matter of time for people to know more about MAC. Everyone like to talk about Virus in PC. Why they just don't want to change their life style? Why they still get cheated by Bill Gate when he donate "some" of his money only.

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