Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cost for MAC vs PC

I am a PC engineer that will never buy a PC from those pre assembly "Branded" company. So, I will be building my new PC if I have to move on to Windows 7. But to get a windows 7 I have to pay 500+ for the OS and some others software that let me do photo edit, video edit and office job. Put it as another $500... I have total 1k just for the software. If I would like to have a 21" LCD for my new PC. Another $500......

2K budget to build a PC and have to take out $1.5 for all these things. I only have $500 dollars to build the rest whereby a good graphic card cost $300 and good processor with Motherboard cost $500. Casing, DVD Rom, memory, Harddisk, Keyboard, Mouse, Fan..... headache

On the other hand..... Buy a iMac and have everything without facing virus problem for $2150.... Sound nice????

I totally agree with this idea. Some more is much more easier to get support on both software and hardware from APPLE then go around to ask like PC. HAHAHA... MAC rock again

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