Monday, October 5, 2009

iPhone finally come to my life... "SOON"

This wednesday, I hope I will be the first one in the queue at Comm centre for my iPhone 3Gs.... looking toward this moment for so long. Only used 10MB for this month whereby I have 2GB. Is that funny?

I am watching this show called "Flash Forward" which show on CH 5 every sunday. Of course like what I usually do, I will still go online and search for the latest episode. And this show is from US. Yeah, I am watching English show now. The very first time in my life that so addicted into an English show. I think the story and the concept of the whole show is Fantastic. It really get me into the show and I keep thinking of something. Something that is so amazing that even with a moment like this "2 mins and 17 seconds"... so much things can be happen and so much detail that can lead you to the future.

Actually you can try to look around now and start doing the flash forward. Get as much detail as possible and compare with your memory that go backward like 1 years ago. You will feel that how much change that your surrounding do.

Reverse thinking is the main point to run business now. 90% of people have the same mindset and only 10% don't. So.... by using this theory, I will work hard in my life to create something that no one have ever think about.

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