Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Technology is where people enjoy

When I was young. Having a pair of doctor Martin shoes is a kind of proud thing that u ever have. But as time goes by - pager, mobile phone, laptop, LCD TV and etc... All these electronic things make a people look different from others. That is why APPLE has profitted again in the quarter. Everyone is looking for something that can differciate them from others. Expensive and nice design technology is what people looking for. But don't forget that easy to use still the main piority. That is what APPLE aim to achieve.I would say learning and doing business is a series of deduction. For example: 1000 / 2 you will cut the number to half in the first deduction. But you only can cut half of the half on the next deduction and so on. My point of view is that, knowing the basic is easy but getting deep, you need patience and time. That is what I always keep in mind. Nothing come easy, and the best is to lose it do that you will treasure it in the future.

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