Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update on the APPLE side

iPhone 4 is launching soon. THe preorder in US has been fully booked as white color the first which out of stock. That is totally crazy on the new iPhone as it step onto the game changer again.

You may think that facetime is just a 3G video call. But think about it again when you use on your 3G video call that have a very lousy quality? FaceTime is suppose to give you a smooth an high quality call and host the video conference in a blink of time. The added in Three-axis Gyro will able to provide developer on game side to create more exciting game that change the world once again.
Mac Mini has update it line and added in Aluminum body which look so SEXY and small. I hate this refresh as I just bought my mum the old version which happen few months ago. Anyway, APPLE once again squeeze all the component into this small space that provide the power of a PC. APPLE ROCK!!!!

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