Wednesday, June 23, 2010

APPLE is so great once again

On the APPLE WWDC, steve job has announcement the new iPhone software (iOS 4) to be launch yesterday. And stated out some of the improvement that it have. The problem here is that not only those that mention by steve is great. Even those improvement that not in the list is really the best in the world. I will afraid that HTC will close shop very soon. As more and more developer working so hard for APPLE. And one day, there will be a name called SIMON LIU inside. I believe in it.

Today, I am so lucky that I manage to Download 2 books that can provide me information to create apps for iPhone. I was suppose to get that book in Kinokuniya last week but I got it today so luckily. I have downloaded some audio book as well and hope that iPad will launch soon so that I can put up all my information into it.

I really believe that iPad will make a very good start to the APPLE empire as the screen size and the orientation is everyone looking toward it.

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