Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lakers or Celtics

You all know that I am a Lakers fans but I have my argument here is that Lakers is a team that build up according to Kobe Bryant and they are more or less like Chicago Bulls. I like this way as I feel like I am growing up with them at the same time.

Celtics they bought the big 3 in the same season. KG, Paul and Allen. Is no big deal as you have money to get all the great player together. I don't like the way NBA that act like a soccer game. Whereby those club which have alot of money can get those good player and win the champion.

My prediction using economist calculation looking at the NBA final game 7 will be Lakers Win. As a NBA commissional you have to let the world know that not only money can settle everything and lakers is the team that everyone support. I can see that lot of forum have criticize lakers but not many people counter them. What does it prove here? It prove that the fans of lakers believe them in heart but not just talking junk anywhere.

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