Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is not about compare but do the best of yourself

After a very great adventure weekend and holiday at Tioman. I have learn something that life can be very simple but at the same time we are the one who making it complicated. We can just have our 3 meals per day and we still living in this world happily. Or we can have the whole world and yet we don't even feel satisfy.

Yes, I do agree everything is just within our own self but what kind of
life we want to be? Since we are in this big city that mean we choose to be complicated. We are the one who want to fight for our life. To climb as high as possible, to earn as much as we can, to do everything for our love one..... This is what we choose and if you don't wish to be this way. You always can choose to be like those people who stay in Tioman island which lead a simple life. And they enjoy themselves so much that can bring their happiness toward us.

After all these serious though, I have submitted a photo to GIZMODO for a challenge which is about HDR... here I show you the photo below.

We will have to see this picture will even appear on the link here. http://gizmodo.com/tag/shootingchallenge/

Good luck Simon

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