Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS

Here is the latest update for iPhone OS which feature Multitasking and better mail management. I know that I am late for this news but I am just trying to figure out why steve job have to do so much to introduce 7 wonders.

Actually a lot of things that happen in this event is targeting on Windows mobile 7. And I know what steve job was trying to say when the Cut and Paste function took APPLE development team so long to launch it. APPLE just want to have different view on the same problem and be better than anyone else. I like the way it classify the important of the multitask problem. Steve job has already known that multitasking is being enable on iPhone through jailbreak. But he wanna get a better implementation from all the freelance developer. So even jailbreak is so popular in the market but he never stop them from developing cos he would like to have a better understanding on the software configuration as well as the hardware performance.

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