Friday, April 2, 2010

iPad for me? SURE! why not????

This little thing has been known by almost the whole world who know about APPLE inc. The very first day when they announced to launch I have a lot of question mark on why should I get this. But as time goes by and more apps available for iPad. I know what is really happening now. They first thing that I will go for it is because both of my hand is so sick about putting on mouse and keyboard any more. Whole body is in pain as PC has so less shortcut to faster work flow. Although most of the people saying that iPad is just a bigger version of iPhone or iPod touch. The space for work is increase a lot. Imagine you using it to VNC your home PC? How about reading book and play Command and conquer on it? It is going to be the greatest thing ever that every one would like to have. Trust me.....

Today went for my photo shooting but I have declare it as fail. As I am not well prepare myself for the trip. Mosquito is my enemy during the shoot out and I have given up half way. Sad case but manage to create a video clip about it.

A lady was mention on my previous blog and somebody asked me who is it? So who do you think? Of course is someone who is elder than me that why will stuck some sense in my brain la..... Those little girl will never have that kind of though.

Here come inuyasha

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SimonFeiXiang said...

Forgotten today is Sammi Concert.... haha! Will never have another chance to go lor.... anyway I am just simply flicker minded that I do want to go so much.... only people who really understand me will know what I am thinking... hehe