Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monopoly GOOD?

I start to realize how Great to be part of APPLE MONOPOLY. Everything simply work with each and others. My iPhone able to control iTune on my MAC as well as on PC. Wireless setup is easy, effortless on editing movie as well. No extra driver or software to be install. Safari pop up almost immediate when I double click the icon. Music is nicely arrange by iTune. iCalender help me keep track of my schedule as well as public holiday which can download from Video camcorder can plug straight in and edit using iMovie.

That is something microsoft can't do at all even though they start this game first.

I believe in doing the best and push to the limit. Why should apple make so many Laptop like SONY do? So many different series, so many price range, spec almost look the same. That is the whole industry have to aware of.

Friendster is down on the 2nd day. Rumors about this .com company is closing soon. Anyway, after a few day of trying on this website. I feel that they deserve to be in this situation whereby FACEBOOK is on top of this social network. A little bit more of user friendly and more easy hostname. Everything changed...

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