Monday, November 10, 2008


Technology shorter the distance that we supposed to have. With handphone, internet and TV as our media to connect each others. Pay bills using SAM machine instead of queue up at Post office, obtain news from internet or TV instead of newspaper, SMS and email instead of write letters, make a call on handphone instead of street phone, listen to song on MP3 player instead of cassette tape. Our life totally change within 10 years and it still improving. 

We use to gain wealth with a piece of fertile land which can produce food. As technology getting advanced, we turn rocky land to high rise building or factory. We change the game totally. From junk to something treasure. From big and fertile land to small and rocky land. What is next now?

Look at Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Ebay... what is common in all these company? Is just a simple idea and virtual space for them to grow and earn money. 

I just insert back my ringtone column with the latest Jay chow album. New column for the website that I always go. Enjoy

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