Thursday, October 2, 2008


Long time never write my blog due to busy life. Lot of thing need to be settle at work.
Trying to fully use the MobileMe application before the trial version expire. Because I still not sure should I apply for the services or not.
The world reaching it limit. Either Natural and un-natural. Global warming
crated alot of disaster such as earth quake, typhoon, tornado and water
level rise up due to ice burg melting. Banking system finally extend
to it fully strength. Everything starts to collapse and expose it problem.
Singapore is doing very well by invest in different type of industry
to keep economic growth. F1 is a huge success in this small island.
Even Hong Kong forum also feel that HK start to lose out. Not able to
see their own future.
My iPhone is like my friend that keeps growing up. With the latest
firmware, 3 click in the remote and music able to skip backward
without touching the screen. Typing get fast and more intelligent
toward those words that I sometime use.
Went pass HMV and happen to see Jay Chow new album on reserve which
will release on 10th. But some people actually upload and share on net now. I'm not
saying is wasting of money but emphasize on pirated is such a huge
impact to those entire song writer. Anyway, I already do my part to
support original. Is up to your 良心 to judge

Latest Jay Chow song call 稻香

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