Saturday, October 4, 2008


Technology is a new style of living standard. It can be a helper in ur life or something that decorate yourself. Either option that we selected above we gives them profit.
I jus got my SingTel bill for my iPhone and I found out that the data charge is so expensive. (128MB cost $600+) Lucky I have 2GB to play with and I test run on my first month bill in order to prevent money from spending unnecessarily. IPhone is a tool for me to keep track of my life and reduce time spend on PC while I able to surf on the move. But to one of my friend that he treat iPhone as an "IN" gadget. He subscribed to a low-end plan without data access and knows nothing about the function of the phone beside message and call out. Apple still manage to earn from us either way.

Biggest news to all music lover that iTunes may close down or increase it music price if Copyright Royalty Board have to increase the amount of the artist get when they sell their song online. Due to the profit margin, if CRB increase it price for a song. iTunes will not able to continue work in this way now.
But the lucky thing is Apple manage to keep the price for the next 5 years from the latest news that I get. Go go Apple, when no one care about selling music in low price in order to let artist earn. You are the one who able to make music legally download with such a huge user base. Everyone happy in the end rather than get nothing.

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