Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hope Everyone here will have a new start in this year and GOOD LUCK!

Spend one whole night out near pub. haha... So shag! Before the count down. I went to Marina south to have steamboat Buffet. Main concern is toilet charge me 20 cents for entrance. But not even a basic standard there. No one complain about it before? or the Indian toilet boss is so POWER that no one dare to do anything for the toilet?

Firework is nice but my view is jialet. Block by tree whereby my sister having a good view on the boat to count down. Jealous about them... hai

Night before I went for Maria Sharapova Singapore Live.

Interesting and exciting Night even the match end at 6-0 and 7-6 whereby Sharapova win of course. Anyway, Anna Chakvetadze is young and she play well on 2ND set after she get up her own momentum. Audience is great too but still have some black sheep in it. When everyone cheer for ANNA on 2ND set. "GO ANNA!" "GO MARIA!" Someone shout out "GO GORILLA!" Is funny that make everyone laugh but not the player. I sat at the top corner that the ticket come free. Yes, I understand that the ticket is free that is why people don't behave well.
Some Kids even copy the sound that Sharapova play on Count. So ashamed of it.

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