Sunday, July 1, 2007

Technology good and bad...

Ever since apple announced the IPHONE. Everyone hoping to have one. And finally the day is come. Lot of New York pp queue up for this device. Some of them actually scream out as they are the top of the world. To me, Who care? Is still a question this device can last long or not. Just look at the IPOD. Leak of features, and you got to buy some many 3rd party product or sub product to make it perfect. And even IPHONE have full feature. Will everyone use it? How about the bill cost to surf the net? Apple is just know how to do their MARKETING. Make everyone curious about it and feel that it is "IN" to carry their product around. That is.... nothing more

Yesterday night when I take bus home and overheard 2 girl talking to each other about lost handphone and all her phone list gone. And when pp start calling, she just keep asking who is it. Is she stupid? Now a day all the handphone come with DATA cable and software to help you back up every single thing in your phone. So is technology for those pp who know how to use or for those who is rich and just want to show off?

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