Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just had a hard fight with the VIRUS in my Computer. Just a warning to all my friend here. When visit China website do be careful. Not to anyhow download. Lot of worm out there...

Anyway, after Government increase GST to 7%. I suddenly have the mood to take "RICH DAD, POOR DAD" and read again. I do agree with so much thing that Robert say. Government only looking to grow bigger in order to take more money in their account. Whereby business man need to think alot more to reduce the cost in order to make more money.

Just a life example, some week before after the GST increase. My friend have been disturb by a gangster who like to look for someone that my friend family member know. So whenever he drunk. He will go to my friend home make chaos. Shouting here and there, and worst still, break the windows. So my friend call up our police force to get rids of all this shit. And who know after call up 999. They took half an hours to reach. Mean while my friend just keep calling and calling to make sure that our police force have send someone to take care of the situation. OH MY GOD... half an hours is enough for me to run to police station and run back to settle the whole thing. What for go and call them up?

Some good thing to share... donut Factory really do the best donut I ever taste in my life. Queue up for 1 hrs... but worth it. Do give a try but recommend to go in the morning whereby the queue is short and people is rushing for time. So it only take around 15 mins to get it. But evening time is full of student and those people who queue for fun and end up don't even know what they want to buy. HAHA.... as long as you get the donut back to microwave. The taste is back... trust me!!!

Not sure what is this... haha

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