Monday, July 2, 2007

Fighting with the HARDEST enemy in my life

Yeah! My IDOL win in last week race. HAHA! With all his skill and his own patience. Like what the host say in the video clip below. The hardest enemy in your life is yourself. Because if you wanna do better and better. You got to fight with your own but not others.

Anyway, the host also make a point that is right. If motogp without Valentino Rossi giving so much fun for the audience. Who wanna watch? And that why everytime he go up to the stage. Everyone will cheer for him cos he will give some special for us to see. Is simply amazing and he is just like Michael Jordon in NBA. Without MJ, no one know about basketball have such a great player and TV station earn alot during MJ present.

You are your own superstar. So make it shine and do your best. Beat yourself, and create a perfect life.

ENJOY MY HERO... still lot of thing can learn from him. From 11th to 1st.... SHIONG

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