Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday... Great day ahead

Wa... Open post once in the morning. Expect more timely update later on because of my itchy hand. Just wanna share something here from Steve job... iTunes Logo has been changed without the CD behind



Why is that so? Cos steve said that music has been moved from CD to digital. That is why he took out the CD behind which is old technology to him. It really make sense.

10:25 am - Sad mood.... war movie made me realise how lucky I am. I was thinking that 8 hrs of walk with 40kg of load on my body.... And I managed to complete the walk. What is more to go in my life? Is that something more difficult than that? Most to most some sleepless night, eyes and body tiring and out of focus. But I knew that I have that kind of determination in my body that I can do anything. Keep this mindset and ready for the battle ahead. I am not going to lose my life in war.

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