Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day of rearrangement

Mum has started to ask me rearrange the whole place in order to get ready for my sister's wedding in OCT. Oops.... If my door really become a giant iPhone, will it be very funny when photo taking on that day? HAHAHA.....

Anyway, both my sister grown up liao.... Time flied.... Still remember 3 of us were playing with the stupid Tape recorder when we were small. So fun!

Suddenly mother mention about 3 of us were in Banking industry but nobody stepped into Property line. This is her wish.... haha! Who can fulfill?

Something that haven't been posted for quite a while after reservist. The thing below is 5 years service award from NS. Ya... thank hor... seem like it is saying "thank for feeding the mosquito for 5 successful years".... haha!

19:30 Went for run... a very different run this time round. But I started with the Worst moment of the day. Almost knocked down by a car when I ran out from car park. Because I was listen to my mum's iPod and didn't sense the car was just beside me. It was lucky that the female driver horned me. (i should said she may just drove slower whereby I almost reached the running path by then, and gave me an idiot look)

Today tried to run different route due to my Nike + equipment not with me. But I managed to run quite a long distance without slow down. The most fun part was running into the forest trail which required me to take every step carefully.

Ya... suddenly I found that a lot of nice song in my mum's iPod but not mine. Let share some here.



Scorpio said...

what tape recorder?! i dun remember at all... only remember we slide ard on wet floor... haha! dat was FUN!

SimonFeiXiang said...

slide around....... hahaha... is crazy lor at that point of time. We really have nothing to do.

Tape recorder was in Diamond Hill wooden house!