Saturday, May 8, 2010

Learning is fun not a torture

Why everyone around me are so lazy to learn new things in their life? Did they ever think of after they master the skills and they doesn't have to learn it again? The skill will just flow into their blood and live with their life forever.

By asking others to help, they could choose to do it themselves so that they can survive by their own.

I will point out a very good example that people just don't want to know about MAC and iPhone yet they said something stupid like "this is the fans boy use" "is totally different one la" "I don't have to learn how to use as I am not interested". So people are just giving all these excuses but they didn't realize that what if one day they have to keep touch of it? It take a moment to learn when you want to learn it but it take a life time for them to realize this easy concept. Cheers

No finger pointing but just want to remind everyone the important of learning.

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