Monday, May 10, 2010

Another day of torture

I am so moody toward what I think of during my journey to work. I was thinking when I going to get married as the TAXI uncle mentioned some of his friend passed away. I need to do something for myself. But at the same time I achieve nothing right now. I really need to clear up all my outstanding event in order to work toward my future. I feel that Lazy is the biggest enemy in our life. Lot of things that we plan can't be complete due to lazy. And we always told ourselves that we will have tomorrow always. But who will ever know what is going to happen next in our life?

The biggest question still in my mind is that where will I go after I left this world? This is a question that can answer by a lot of people who believe in religion but don't you think that this question will be your biggest push in life? When you have unknown in life, you will work extra hard to prevent your life from going into chaos.

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