Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life is just a moment

Very nice video that cut by ME... wahaha.... anyway, it may get delete any time from youtube as it was from the movie "Law Abiding Citizen". Nice show but I don't really like the ending.

In our whole life we are looking for those beautiful moment. I personally enjoy the process rather than the result. And as long as I have the result in my mind. The process will be a fun and enjoyable moment in life. My theory is that if you not able to get it, you will never lose it. Because we come to this world without anything, so anything will never belong to us. Enjoy the moment and remember it. Even the camera able to hold the image but the moment is not only image but sensation, feeling, sound, smell and sight....

This blog is back to my personal feeling again rather than some selling point. I would like to say I will try harder in the future to bring out more nice thing. But first I got to have a very good rest with my mind in peace to think of something that stuck in my head always. I still not able to see through something that is so important in my life.

Love my MAC still as it let me have more rest for my shoulder. No one will be able to do a better job than APPLE but APPLE is powered by Steve Job. Got to have his way of thinking before strike hard in life. There are still alot of place that APPLE never step into. And that will be the chance for me to work for.

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