Friday, February 19, 2010

The Blind side

Not very sure what attract me to watch this movie. But I was interest on the poster as well as the title. After a very hard time to recognize the actress actually is Sandra Bullock. I think I am going to spend my weekend looking for all her old movie and watch it again. She is so pretty and so into the acting.

I like the story line as well. Cos that is the thinking that I always apply in my life. I always believe we can change everything with our hand. Everything will able to change as long as we want it. Don't ever blame anyone in your life for causing you misfortune. Just face yourself and admit that you never try hard enough.

THis few days I only have a feeling which is HAPPINESS. Everything that happen in my life is a kind of happiness. Every little things that I can do for my love one is happiness. Everything little smile that appreciate my effort will call HAPPINESS.

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