Sunday, July 26, 2009

The rule is changing

Just got a email from yahoo inform me that GEOCITIES is closing. That were the hottest web browsing back to the time when internet just getting popular among us. Web hosting no longer take advantage now. Facebook and Blogging is getting popular. Everyone would like to have easy access to information instead of getting into a webpage and hopefully it will get update.

Facebook is trying to earn money from us. By putting more advertisement as well as selling information to 3rd party. This is a very serious and danger move from them. Anything goes wrong, everyone will leave this community and go for others. Change is good, but depend on the amount of the change. I would like facebook to block out those people that I don't wish them to see my status. Because some friend are not meant to know but some does.

Working hard on my assignment and trying to get it finish ASAP. Next week is a week that need to wake up early in the morning. Tired again.

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