Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rossi and Apple

Yes, last weekend is about Rossi again who win the motogp by 0.099s... what a close race that done by Lorenzo. He is a good rider who can make Rossi back to top form again. We are losing track about the idiot who always give excuse "STONER". Lead at the first part and getting slow even get 4th when crossing the finishing line. Since Rossi (29 years old) still able to fight in his life, why not me? why not now? The world wait for no one but at the same time it never stop any one from achieve a "dream". That is the way, I hope I can read all my textbook during this weekend and complete the assignment.

Apple become the top earner again for 2nd quarter profit release. Even on non-holiday season. What is so great about the company? That is because the innovative gadget that it produce. That is because you have so much fun on an iPhone. That is because photo and video editing is so easily done on a mac. That is because your MAC will never let you down by virus or any malware. That is because it is so simple to connect everything together.
But what I worry here is about the design that without steve job. iPhone and Macbook make no change when steve on MC. What does it mean? It mean that no one lead this huge army to unleash their potential. Hai...

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