Monday, May 11, 2009

Is Windows 7 again

It seem like I will got myself into trouble if I put all my home PC to MAC. Windows 7 react super fast with any command as long as you have enough memory even I run on 1GB machine. I will plan to get a new PC soon in September. And I am very satisfy with Windows 7. No more XP and plan to skip VISTA.
Microsoft do a good job this time by speed up it browser and flexiblity to configure browser addin. Even the search engine on IE which you think it will stick to IE forever, but you actually can change it to default GOOGLE. Fair game and they trying to do better.

Next project will be share internet access from my server to whole network. So that I do not need so many virus scan to be run on individual machine. Great OS which finally get back it GROUND. We will see...

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