Saturday, April 5, 2008

Out of good WILL

Just now that is this anuty saying that she from CCK to bukit panjany to sell the Pork Foss and Sausage (La Chang) to support her family 5 kids. Keep begging at me and say please please. So I just bought 2 Pork Foss from her cost $30.

My point is who the hell ask her to give birth of 5 when she don't even have the ability to support them? I do agree it might have some other reason to support her action. But this kind of world right now. If you don't even have plan on anything toward future. Please don't do anything stupid. May her able to grab $1 from each Singapore family and that is. I would fall twice in the same story right? Not saying don't wish to help but everything is just come out from her mouth only. Truth or not? Got to judge yourself. World is full of lie and truth...