Sunday, April 6, 2008


Who don't wish to have more time at home other than in office? But I have so many thing have to settle. I also wish to have my life back. Can I?

Is just that we got into different place and we got to understand each other. When your tamper is no good I won't give you black face. Because I know the stress that you have during your work is very great. But I need you to understand one thing. Everyone working hard to earn money. You do, I do too... You should know how bad is my company. Keep retrench staff to keep cost low. I myself also want to look for something that can earn more money at the same time have more time.

We got to try understand other people situation. Now a day, you just like the eldest sister at home. Never care about our feeling but just think that whatever you do is correct. Yes... I know you put in a lot a lot effort in family. I can feel it that why I never sound out. Father incident, you such a great help to us. Lot of thing can't be done without you. I appreciate it and THANK YOU very very much.

Anyway, if anyone happen to play with the video format. You will know how much time it take for the video get convert. Somemore is 7 hrs. Time is wasted I don't mind as long as I got the result. UNDERSTANDING is the key word.

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