Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our Net is changing... don't you see that?

Anyone click on the Andy Lau MV? Did you feel that it auto go to And the program I use to download youtube no longer working. It seem like they changing the way for us to surf... Anyway, they just want money. They need people to view their webpage. So just be it... sooner or later will take over by other Video website. So many out there right now. Time for change... and the change is now...

Anyway, I just found a way to crack this system. If all my friend here wanna know. Do write something at my chat box and I will let you all know. HAHA!

Some week ago, there is an animation company fine those who download animate. Is animation that important to this country? Is there anything more important than that? My friend's friend just got a case whereby they provide evidence of 5 full pages of what he donwloaded. Fined for 5k... is that fair? How about those who download PRONO? Are they more serious offence? Which is more important? Can you judge?

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