Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Garget... Not moving Blog already...!

Hi all, finally I found something that I looking for so long. And yet is ture that it appear in front of my eye.

This website enable you to store up to 1GB of data in their sever for free. Just register your e-mail and you can start to use their service. Example is the Music option that I add in on the right. You can simply listen to the song or file that I share or download it without hassle. Easy to use and it was fantastic that even support within your blog. So whatever thing you wanna share with your friend. You can just right click on the file and POST TO BLOG or Get the weblink. Combine with HTML and FLASH technology together. Is a copy of what youtube doing but enhance with their own concept. It was a success and I will support them. NICE... RECOMMANDED!!!

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