Sunday, June 3, 2007

Life is wonderful

Today motogp, my idol valentino Rossi win lor! Cheer!!! Beside David Becham also prove himself in England soccer team. And me, of course... and other milestone to my life after move on to Treasuy department support. Salary sure increase la, but most important I enjoy the job of what I doing now. I can learn alot alot of thing until my brain full capacity. Software already have more than 20 application. And I also have to due with server, tape backup and etc... many many thing have to learn, and I have to really improve myself to suit the environment.

Anyway, I just feel that everyday is a great day to me. Everyday I got to push myself hard to learn. Lot of thing have to settle, but bit by bit... It will finish soon.

MotoGP... watched it and enjoy it so much...

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