Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technology that drive people closer?

Ever since the day when internet become part of our life. The time that we spend in front of the PC is more than facing each others. Is technology driving us together? Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Email, IRC and etc.... Are they the driving force to get us closer or they drift us apart.

I am spending too much time online. And getting less time for my own.

My dear MacBook is 1 year old. Thank you for changing my life. Mac knowledge is getting more popular now.

Getting more of my friends going to buy iPhone 3Gs soon. The iPhone user base is just getting larger and larger. I just hope that APPLE may come out something that stop FLASH from getting larger. If flash become part of the PC essential software. Free game, music, video and application will just so near to us. Google will get bigger as advertisement is the main driving force for the industry. The future is not what I want cos they don't deserve to be the BIG BOY.

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