Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWDC and after

I can't really have a good sleep for the one whole night due to APPLE host it WWDC at that moment. Looking forward of iPhone 3.0 OS and some update for the MAC laptop line. Something might have to say it here.

iPhone - OS 3.o will be out on 17th of June. And I gonna to update it ASAP. New feature such as Voice recording, MMS, cut and paste function, even sharing of internet connection will be available for this update. But some other features like Video record, iPod + Nike, compass and Faster browsing speed will require the all new iPhone 3G S to support. My mind is all about this update right now. Want to trying it on my lovely iPhone and enhance my life with the internet sharing capability.

Mac - The nice and sweet MacBook which feature the aluminum body will upgrade to MacBook Pro. It contained build in Battery which can last till 7 hrs. I might be considering of getting it because of the long battery life as well as new software that install into it.

Apple is just a company who keep enhance our life. I really have to step in it so that I will be able to contribute my thinking. Start from today, I will have to learn how to programming.

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