Sunday, May 11, 2008


This world is huge. We have a lot of places to explore in this world. Genting is a fun place to enjoy. KL is a place for shopping. StarCruises is a giant in the sea. I enjoy this trip so much that open up my view to the world. Everyone is working hard for their own life just for the 3 meals a day. Some know their job well, some they don’t. Some risk their life, some play it safe. Some work so hard, some relax. Some have good attitude, some simply don’t care. Nevertheless, the one always at the positive side won’t get what they deserve. At the same time, those who at the negative side enjoy the fruit that others people made.

Compare Singapore to lot of others country. Actually we do live in a paradise that we never notice. I do agree that our expense is rising. Everyone have a hard time to struggle. Consider the living standard that we have right now. We have a western quality of life but not much tax as them. Consider good life here in Singapore.

(you can't expand the length of life, but you can expand the width of it)

(you can't predict tomorrow, but you can make full use of today)

(you can't win in everything you do, but you can always try your best in it)

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