Thursday, February 14, 2008

Huam Life

Human life is like a handphone life. You treasure it when you just bought it. You wipe it and touch it when your finger is clean. As time go by, you start to drop it. And you touch it without consider your hand is clean or not. You press fast on the button. But the handphone still doing well, give you no worry at all.
One day, you start to feel that some button not that well functioning. You try to fix it but fail. So you touch the particular button with care and hoping that it will be back to the same old day again. As time go by. You don’t know is the phone abandoning you or you abandon the phone. Either it get sell away or keep in a place that no one can ever seen.

When you just born to this world. Parents give you the best and protect you. As time go by, you start to run around and fall down. After married, it becomes your turn to give your child the best. You work so hard that no matter what is going to happen. You die die also give what your child want, even your life.
As time go by, are you abandoning your kids or they abandon you. Will they treasure you like before or put you into old folk home?

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