Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Huge project....

I think my life is full of those "so so" friend. Is time for me to clear it up and look for the precious one already. Those people can go through thick and thin with me and get rid of those who make use of me. Why people only look for those good thing in front of them but forget about the hard work that put behind? Do you think those rich people just become rich over night? How much hard work they have to put in and how different are they compare to you?
IPOD is a very nice MP3 player but poor quality sound and lack of feature. End up still so many people crazy about it. Because people always want to look good. Only those people who look for the sound quality will look for creative or iRiver. Friend also the same theory to me. I don't need friend that spend money with me(look good when we go out) or make use of me. I only want those people who have the same thinking like me in their life and strike for their goal. "So So" friend can always find in KTV lounge, Clubbing and ARMY. So I really don't mind to have them out of my life. When I achieve what I want in life. "So So" friend will come unstop. That is what I can guarantee.

Relax awhile ba... stupid funny clip. Enjoy and hopefully I have a good day ahead! hehe

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